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About ECD

Luxury Home Staging & Interior Design in the San Diego area. 

Lone Jack 5.jpgReal Estate Staging | Everything Creative Designs | San Diego, CA

Real Estate Staging

Properly executed staging, whether it is currently being lived in or is a vacant listing, leads the potential buyer’s eye to the attractive features, which often results in maximizing the selling price and making a quick sale.

Interior Redesign | Everything Creative Designs | San Diego, CA

Interior Redesign

Redesign uses the existing furnishings and decor to transform the home into a welcoming atmosphere. This alternate option to a complete redecorating project marries the architecture with the existing decor to create an attractive home.

Staging Consultation | Everything Creative Designs | San Diego, CA

Staging Consultation

When prepping to sell your home, there’s a lot that needs to be done that can cause significant overwhelm and stress.To help relieve you of some of this stress, one of our designers would be happy to provide you with a report and quote to get your house ready for staging.




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