Testimonial 1

BIG THANK YOU to Everything Creative Designs!

BIG THANK YOU to Everything Creative Designs! They deserve all the praise and five-star reviews they have received.Kim and Kelly are extremely professional, creative, communicative and easy to work with. Our home sold in just 1 week for above asking!!!As a real estate agent, I am a big believer of staging a home for sale. But I love design, so when I put my house on the market, I even entertained the thought of staging on my own. However, after seeing their work, I know now that I could not do in ten years what they pulled off in a couple hours! My place looks so amazing and has received nothing but glowing remarks from all who have seen it.It has been statistically proven that professionally staged homes have sold 2 to 3 times faster and for 3-10% more than homes that have not been staged. Staging makes your house look bigger, brighter, cleaner and best of all; it makes home buyers want to buy it!!Kim and Kelly are capable to create the right atmosphere for buyers when they first enter the home, they focus the buyers' attention on the product you wish to sell: the house itself!Thanks so much for all of your help ladies!

Thomas Brooks

Danni Kaplan