At Everything Creative Designs (ECD), providing the highest level of service to our clients is our top priority. To show our appreciation for allowing us to service your staging needs, we’ve created the ECD Referral Program. Under this program, we will be offering ECD Design Dollars for every New Client referral you send us and bonus ECD Design Dollars when that New Client hires us!  

The more referrals you provide, the more ECD Design Dollars you earn and they never expire!



For each New Client referral, you will receive $100 in ECD Design Dollars. If that New Client contracts with us for a property styling or interior design project, you will receive another $100 in ECD Design Dollars.

  • 1 New Client Referral = $100 ECD Design Dollars

  • 1 New Client Project = $100 ECD Design Dollars

To allow you flexibility to spend your ECD Design Dollars, they can be used in THREE different ways:

  1. Apply them to one of your own future property styling installations with us;

  2. Purchase beautiful furnishings and decor items through one of our exclusive vendors

  3. Use them for a donation we will make in YOUR NAME to one of the following charitable organizations:



Simply refer us to one of your colleagues, friends, home sellers, etc. by calling or emailing Danni at 858-322-3610 OR danni@everythingcreativedesigns.com, and we will take care of the rest!

During 13+ years of being in business, we have had the great fortune of working with so many wonderful real estate professionals and San Diego residents. This is our chance to show our appreciation of your continued support and the chance to expand our incredible network of clients.