ecdLite is Ecd’s affordable staging option. Luxury staging at an affordable price. Exact same quality and aesthetic as ECD full package service.

From the day that this is booked, we will install within 48hrs.(except on weekends). This staging service is perfect for a condo or one bedroom house.

So what does this include:

  1. Master Bedroom : King Bed, Linen, 2 Night Stands, 2 Lamps, Accessories, Art, Side Chair or Bench

  2. Living Room: Sofa, 2 Accent Tables,2 Accent Chairs, Coffee Table, Rug, Accessories, Art

  3. Dining Room: Dining Table, 4-6 Chairs,Art and Decor

  4. Kitchen: Accessories

  5. Install Fee: This includes design, delivery, setup, and destage.

  6. **

And now for the best part: This package is $1750, 30 days and 48hrs delivered and installed. Additional Bedroom or Office can be added.

This price comes with a few rules:

  • Limited to 900 square feet

  • By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree to contract.

  • 30 Day contract only. (Daily rate may apply to help with closing lead times)

  • Weekends are not included

Terms and Conditions:

  • Property Owner/Agent is aware and agrees that ECD team members under any circumstance will NOT wear booties (shoe cover) or remove their personal shoes to stage the property, as this is a safety hazard for ECD employees.

  • ECD requests Property Owner/Agent NOT be present during installation. This allows ECD’s team to work in their best creative environment.

  • Once Install is Booked and paid for, no refunds will be given.

  • After an installation date has been scheduled, Property Owner/Agent may request to reschedule the installation date no less than two (2) business days prior to the installation date. Upon rescheduling of the installation date, Property Owner/Agent shall be charged an additional 10% of the Staging Fee.

  • Property Owner/Agent agrees that all packing, cleaning, on-going construction, etc., of the Property shall be completed prior to the scheduled installation date. This includes cleaning counter tops, bathroom counters, putting away or concealing ANY wiring, etc. at the property etc. ECD is not responsible for putting away personal items and will not handle any type of wiring at the Property. If, for any reason, the Property is not ready to be staged on the installation date, Property Owner/Agent shall be charged a delay of installation fee in the amount of $500, which must be paid prior to rescheduling the installation.

  • After notice that the installation is complete, Property Owner/Agent shall inspect the installation to ensure that Property Owner/Agent is satisfied with ECD’s performance under the contract and ECD has fulfilled its obligations.

  • If there are any change requests relating to the installation, the Property Owner/Agent shall advise ECD of the issue, in writing, within two (2) business days after the notice of completion of the installation. Additional changes outside of the two (2) business day time-frame shall result in a $250/hour fee, plus the cost of any additional furnishings. After two (2) business days from notice of the completion of the installation, without written notice to ECD of a change request, the project shall be deemed complete and ECD’s performance under the contract satisfied.

  • Property Owner/Agent agrees that all items installed for the staging project are exclusively owned by ECD. Any damages to or loss of items owned by ECD while on the Property shall be paid for by the Property Owner/Agent at the then reasonable retail value of the item. ECD takes photos for inventory purposes and can utilize these as proof of installation of the items and/or damage thereto.

  • Property Owner/Agent shall allow access to property for the installation, inspection, replacement/removal of inventory (de-stage) at ANY time. Property Owner/Agent shall notify ECD of any restrictions or special circumstances that may affect ECD’s ability to perform under the contract including, but not limited to, truck access, truck size limitations, tree clearance, property management rules, regulations, etc. Property Owner/Agent agrees to pay any extra costs associated with any restrictions or special circumstance including but not limited to parking permits, parking tickets received due to parking unavailability, HOA/elevator Fees, etc.

  • ECD may refer or suggest specific vendors to assist with the needs of the Property Owner/Agent (i.e. paint, flooring, etc.) as a professional courtesy. Property Owner/Agent agrees that ECD is NOT in any way responsible or liable for any outside vendor services or products.

  • ECD has Property Owner/Agent’s permission to use any professional photos of the Property displayed in the MLS for ECD’s marketing, including Facebook. Property Owner/Agent agrees that this exposure helps them market the Property, too. Credit may be given to the photographer if known or if requested. Property Owner/Agent agrees to provide, if requested by ECD, specific photos in higher resolution that are available in the MLS. Additionally, ECD has the right to advertise that the Property was staged by ECD and may place small signs and business cards at the Property. Property Owner/Agent agrees NOT to remove, conceal or damage the signs or permit any other person to do so.

  • Change of Intention- Staging is intended to help property sell. Should the property be taken off the market, Stager will be notified within 24 hours. If property is not “Active” on the MLS for more than two weeks for any reason and Stager is not notified in writing and permission granted in writing by Stager, Stager may retrieve the staging without notice to Property Owner/Agent and has the right to access via Sentrilock, a duplicate key, combo lockbox , or locksmith. Unoccupied properties may NOT be rented or leased to tenants or as a vacation rental for any time period with the intent that the renters are using the staging. Should this come to our attention, the monthly rent fee shall automatically increase by 60%


  • Property Owner/Agent shall give fourteen (14) days’ notice for the de-staging of the Property. If Property Owner/Agent requires a de-staging of the Property with less than fourteen (14) days’ notice, there shall be an expedited de-staging fee of $1000 for the de-stage services, to be paid via the credit card provided Paragraph 3 of this contract

  • If after Property Owner/Agent confirms the date for the Property to be de-staged and the Property Owner/Agent then requests a change to the de-stage date less than two (2) business days prior to the de-staging date, ECD shall charge Property Owner/Agent a $500 rescheduling fee. The fee shall be paid via credit card provided for in Paragraph 3 of this contract.


Any written notice required to be given to ECD can be emailed to